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Kelsey’s Woods is a three/four/more-piece Americana/Roots band hailing from Chattanooga but calling Knoxville home for several years. Rooted in the traditional and true sounds of a forgotten music, Kelsey’s Woods harkens back to years past when the story was the song. Combining equal parts of roots, country, folk and a little rock and roll, Kelsey’s Woods boasts three and four-part harmonies, interchangeable lead singers and all original songs speaking on themes from love, heartbreak, loss, murder, redemption, and the age old tradition of finding salvation in a whiskey glass. Kelsey’s Woods hopes that you’ll join them in finding a brand new take on a forgotten but yet old and familiar sound.

Kelsey’s Woods released their thirteen-song full length debut, “One More Heart to Break”, in July 2012. Recorded and produced by Scott Minor, producer of fellow Knoxvillians and new Americana favorites The Black Lillies, Kelsey’s Woods hopes to share some of the successes and musical accolades that the Lillies have found over the last few years. One More Heart to Break was recorded by the up and coming, soon to be Nashville-based, singer/songwriter Dapper Dave Kennedy. Accompanying Dave was the lovely and talented Shawna Cyphers on the fiddle and harmonies and Russ Torbett on the standup bass and drums. Since then, Kelsey’s Woods has acquired its drumming from the East Tennessee music scene veteran Andrew Bryant. Also featured on the record are Brock Henderson on the pedal steel and Andy Wood on lead guitar, banjo and mandolin.

True to lifestyle of late night shows, rowdy bar rooms and sad country songs, there have been some changes in Kelsey’s Woods over the years with some friends coming and going. As of 2014 Spring, Kelsey’s Woods is comprised of Dave Kennedy on vocals and guitar, Russ Torbett on the doghouse bass and vocals, Andrew Bryant on the drums and vocals, Austin Stepp on lead guitar, fiddle and vocals, and the music scene veteran, Stunning Stevie Jones, on the Hammond organ and honky tonk piano. This motley mix of characters makes up the Kelsey’s Woods concoction of truth and tradition, heartbreak and regret, and redemption and salvation…and a KW BIG TIME!

2 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Hello fellow CSAS classmates of old time! I saw your band name in the Metro Pulse and thought it looked familiar with people I once knew. Congrats on all of your awesome songs and blossoming future to come! I hope to make it out to see you all play soon.

    Miranda (Meadows) Fowler
    CSAS class of 2001

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