All lyrics by Dave Kennedy unless otherwise noted.


99 Miles

I’m from the wrong side of the side of a ditch
Down the end of a nowhere road

Born the second son of a son of a bitch

And a lady with a heart of gold

Only thing my daddy left me was no way out

And a red hot six shot gun

Didn’t even leave my momma a shadow of doubt

That I’d grow up to be his son


And I know it ain’t right

It’s just the way I am

With this twisted heart of mine

But one more night

And I’ll be a brand new man

I got 99 miles to the Mexico line

99 miles to the Mexico line

Spent half of my life as a wanted man

Trying hard just to survive

There’s a sheriff in Texas and a girl in Alabam
With signs saying dead or alive


Only thing between me and the promised land
Is a river flowing deep and wide
I ain’t stopping til I hit the Rio Grande
And I’m standing on the other side


Round and Around

This barely getting by
Gets mighty mighty tough
There ain’t nothing but time
And it ain’t ever enough
But a few more smiles
And a little bit of love
And it feels like heaven above

Cause the sun goes up
And the sun goes down
In great big cities
And little small towns
Lay my bones
Underneath the ground
And the world’ll keep spinning
Round and around
The world’ll keep spinning
Round and around

Well it’s always tomorrow
For a ramblin’ man
Moving town to town
In a traveling band
But I kick off my boots
And grab your hand
And it takes me
Back home again


When the night settles in
And my days are down
When I’m too long gone
And my song is sung
Don’t you cry no tears
For this son of a gun
Already too old
To die young


Ballad of the Drifter and the Yellow Cactus Rose

I was pulling out of Houston
Heading west to San Antone
Rolling 18 wheels
At 80 miles an hour
When I came upon a drifter
On the highway all alone
Holding a suitcase
And a yellow cactus flower

I pulled onto the shoulder
Asked if he needed a ride
He said I’m headed
Any place but here
His eyes were red and bloodshot
His beard was grey and white
His voice echoed
Low and ghostly in my ears

I asked what he was doing
On that lonesome stretch of road
In the middle of that
Southern Texas night
He said, “I’ve walked a thousand miles
Searching for this cactus rose
For the one I needed
Had to be just right”


He had two bullets in the Colt
In the suitcase in his hand
And he swore that before the break of day
He’d shoot down his darling woman
And her blue eyed handsome man
And use that cactus rose to mark her grave

Then he reached into his suitcase
Just past his .45
For his whiskey
And he offered me a drink
I took a great big swallow
And it burned deep inside
That drifter took a pull
And he never even blinked

I could see his heart was broken
In his eyes he held the pain
He couldn’t wash away
A lifetime full of tears
Then he broke that starry silence
When he hollered out her name
And swore he’d pay her back
For stealing all them years


Then he said to pull on over
Somewhere just outside Seguin
I guess he figured he was
Close enough to home
But I could not help but wonder
Would I see him there again
Just a walking through
That desert all alone

Now sometimes on this road
In the deepest dark of night
When that dusty midnight
Desert wind does blow
I wonder did he find that woman
Did she really lose her life
And is she buried down
Beneath that cactus rose


Nothing Better to Do

Ain’t got nothing better to do
Since you broke my heart in two
Fill up on wine and cigarettes
The last two things here that you left

I’ll try to drown out of my head
Every word you ever said
If it takes forever
It won’t be any use

I might sit up all night and drink
Alone with all the thoughts I think
Ten of every nine are you
When I ain’t got nothing better to do

I’m gonna drown out of my head
Every word you ever said
If it takes forever
It won’t be any use

Think I’ll write a brand new song
If it ain’t no good it won’t take long
About a girl who’s probably you
Cause I ain’t got nothing better to do

I’ll find some three quarter time
And an old familiar rhyme
That I stole off of
Some long forgotten tune

And if my song is good enough
It still won’t bring me back your love
So if I get drunk and I sing the blues
It’s cause I ain’t got nothing better to do

Yeah if I get drunk and I sing the blues
It’s cause I ain’t got nothing better to do

These Days

I’m halfway down in the bottom of a bottle
And I ain’t gonna change my ways
I ain’t half bad when I do what I oughta
But it don’t happen much these days

Now the blues only make the whiskey taste better
To a lonely fool like me
They keep hanging around like and old love letter
Or a long lost memory

If I could turn my heart into ashes
And dump them in the deep blue sea
Then I might forget about your long eyelashes
And the way you looked at me


It’s been two long years since I’ve seen my pretty baby
But I hear you’re doing fine
I can’t help but wonder what might’ve been maybe
If it wasn’t for this heart of mine

If I were down to my last silver dollar
And the whiskey had all run dry
I’d toss it on down into some old holler
Hang my head and cry

Chorus x3

When the Morning Comes Around

I’m gonna wake up when the morning comes around
Comb my hair and wipe my eyes
Kiss your lips again before I leave this town
And try not to taste a bad goodbye

Stomp on my boots again when the morning comes around
Turn the key and start my truck
Put that peddle and these windows down
Before these wheels and I get stuck

I could say I’m sorry
Tell you how hard I tried
But all that would leave you, darlin’
Is one more lie

Clear my head again when the morning comes around
Roll my last cigarette
Turn that bottle up and let your memory drown
And wonder why I don’t miss you yet


Sun’s gonna come up when the morning comes around
Colors painted cross the sky
I know one day I’m gonna stop this running round
Just to lay my head down and die


Bottle to Forget

There’s a note on the table
And a key in that empty dresser drawer
She left a cigarette in the ash tray
And a broken perfume bottle on the floor
Ain’t no suitcase in the closet
Ain’t no sheets upon our bed
Lord it looks like this time that girl meant
Every word that she said

Now I’m living in a house made of cards
In the middle of a hurricane
And I should run out the door
I can’t let go of this old ball and chain
Just staring at myself in the face
Of a broken down TV set
I’ve got her picture to help me remember
And this bottle to help me forget

Lord the whiskey is warm
But this old house still feels awful cold
And my wedding ring looks a lot more like brass
And a lot less like gold
I ain’t saying that I blame her
Lord knows I ain’t never been worth a damn
I ain’t trying to be no good
No good’s just the way that I am


Just staring at myself in the face
Of a broken down TV set
I’ve got her picture to help me remember
And this bottle to help me forget

The Devil’s Blue Eyes

Pushing a broom
Playing a song
Praying for a place to rest
Til the morning comes along
Buy him a drink
Give him a smoke
Then maybe he’ll let you
Step inside of his joke

It’s over your head
Still just under your nose
That’s why he’s always the last one
Laughing I suppose

He’s a drifter
Just rolling into town
On Saturday night
With Sunday morning coming down
He’s a conman
With an innocent disguise
He’s got an angel’s smile
To hide the devil’s blue eyes

A borrowed guitar
Cheap jug of wine
That’s all he needs
Just to make it through the night
He ain’t asking for much
Just a little bit will do
Maybe a couple of miles
Walking inside your shoes


His got a heart of gold
Got charm to waste
Got a map of the world
In the lines upon his face

He’s good for nothing
When nothing’s all you got
He’ll make believe you have
When you have not



On a Saturday night neath the neon lights
On the outskirts of New Orleans
I fell in love at a gentleman’s club
With a pretty little dancing queen
I asked around and everybody I found
All said that they knew her well
She’s a runaround Sally from the backstreet alley
And they call her Jezebel

From a one night stand to a brand new man
By the coming of the morning sun
I was all wrapped up in her loving cup
Same time I was coming undone
Everybody said don’t you lose your head
That lady ain’t the loving kind
I said I ain’t got money, she called me honey
Now I can’t get her out of my mind

Gonna take a southbound train to New Orleans
Find myself a gypsy southern belle
Marry that girl come Sunday morning
Spend the rest of my life with that Jezebel

So if you ever get down to that voodoo town
Let me give you just a little advice
Don’t you give your loving to a backstreet woman
If you ain’t gonna pay her price
She’ll leave you cold if you give her gold
And you’ll be wondering what went wrong
So son be smart and give her your heart
And she’ll love you your whole life long


Whiskey and Cocaine

I hopped a freight train back in Austin
All the way to San Antone
It’s always been the damnedest place
Tennessee boys have ever gone
Stars stretched high above
Shining brighter than the sun
The moon looking down
Through the barrel of a gun


There’s a border town
Down in old Mexico
Just across the Rio Grande
Where all the lonely hearts go
They got everything you need
To keep you from going insane
Cocaine and whiskey
Whiskey and cocaine

All them pretty senoritas
With their long hair flowing brown
Making love like desert thunder
With the rain falling down
How they hold you through the midnight
Make you forget everything you were
Til the dawn breaks the horizon
You can tell that she ain’t her


When I die won’t you spread my ashes
Far across the Rio Grande
And beg the good lord to forgive me
As the devil takes my hand


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